Lansdowne Road

What we’ve heard

How we’ve responded

In March 2023 we held our first phase of consultation with local people. Over 30 people attended one of our drop-in events and 93 people responded to our survey.

Thank you to everyone that took part, here’s what we heard and how we’ve responded.

Investment is welcomed in Croydon’s town centre with general support for changes to the existing planning consent

Safety and security is a key local concern, with requests for more street lighting and CCTV

Alongside a 24hour concierge on-site, we’ll be installing CCTV and providing lots of new lighting around the buildings. We’re also following the principles of secure by design, ensuring that there are no dark-corners or dead ends.

A bakery, sandwich or coffee shop should be included in the plans

We’ve safeguarded space at ground floor to accommodate a small retailer such as a bakery, sandwich or coffee shop.

Green space, with more trees and planting is needed locally, with mentions of play spaces for children and families

We’re creating a new outdoor play trail that will link through the buildings, designing in features within the landscaping for young people to enjoy.

Planting an additional 65 new trees and creating a new small green between the buildings, helping us to achieve a 0.4 urban greening factor and 68% net gain in biodiversity.

The design of the buildings could be lighter or more colourful. it’s also important that the existing murals are re-provided

Drawing inspiration from local heritage and modernist architecture, we’re using a lighter colour palette to create a sensitive landmark in Croydon’s town centre.


We’re re-providing the locally loved space themed murals at Voyager House within the new proposals.

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